What you can do with this service

    Visualize your own ESG/SDGs

  1. Create your company's ESG/SDGs chart: By inputting information, you can visualize your company's current ESG/SDGs location.

  2. (Optional) Disclosure to financial institutions: The scores you create can be linked to the ESG information service (TERRAST) for institutional investors and financial institutions operated by our company, and can be widely disclosed.

  3. (In preparation) Utilization for various services and systems: Depending on the content of your score, you can use various services under favorable conditions.

    Professional plan (in preparation)

    We plan to implement various functions as the next action for ESG/SDGs visualization.

  1. Reporting support function
    Scheduled to include a function to understand compliance with various frameworks such as GRI and TCFD, and a function to propose improvements using AI

  2. Materiality setting: Supporting the formulation of important issues (materiality) for ESG/SDGs management based on in-house medical records

  3. KPI/action plan setting: Supporting the formulation of various KPI/action plans to achieve materiality

  4. Comparison and benchmarking with other companies in the same industry: Supporting comparisons with other companies and understanding of positioning when setting materiality and goals

  5. ESG rating simulation: Simulation when aiming to obtain and improve ESG ratings as one of ESG/SDGs management promotion measures

  6. Solution list function: Mall with various solutions useful for promoting ESG/SDGs management

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